Neighborhood Fishing

This is the perfect adventure for the whole family.   Some folks want to fish and others just want to go along on the ride! Whether you want to do a little fishing or sit back and enjoy the marine and bird life, it is your day. We go out into our own back yard – our back yard includes the Bay of Chetumal, the New River (going to Orange Walk), Rio Hondo (separating Belize and Guatemala), the Laguna Seca, (between Copper Bank and Chunox) and the Bay of Corozal.

We start the day with a leisurely cruise around and see where the fish are. We do a little trolling and bottom fishing in the morning and if we catch our lunch, all the better!   We could spot some dolphins and other large fish, and close to the coast line among the mangroves we will be looking for manatees and other fish hiding close to the shore.   The fish are so plentiful and the water is so clear the fish are easily spotted.

These are sporty fish and will give you a good fight. They are tackle wreckers but if you land one, they are great eating. Some of the fish we can expect to see and catch are:

Barracuda. – None faster! Catch him if you can! Lurking at the top of the food chain, these tough flats predators offer some outstanding action on a fly or lure. When hooked, they are some of the fastest and most powerful fish to be taken on light tackle. These are species that should not be overlooked!

Grouper – Both the Goliath and Black Groupers are a very sporty catch. They are hard fighters and the Giant Grouper will feed the whole neighborhood. Considered of fine food quality, the grouper is a highly sought-after quarry for fishermen. The grouper is inquisitive and has a generally fearless nature makes it a relatively easy prey.

 Snapper – There are a several varieties of snapper found in Belize. The Mutton, Cubera, Red and Grey Snappers are plentiful and real brutes to land.  Snapper is a bottom dweller is one of the most highly coveted of all reef fish and is almost always the most expensive fish per pound on the market. It is a good fighter that never gives up.

Jack Crevalle- We also see the horse-eyed Jacks in our neighborhood. The jacks are hard fighters! These are tenacious, bulldog-like battlers and will hit almost any bait thrown their way.  Typically, jacks will corner a school of baitfish at the surface and feed with commotion that can be seen at great distances.

Lunchtime could be stopping on a sandy beach, cooking what we have caught, or stopping for lunch in town, maybe riding up the New River for a picnic at the New River Stop or on to a restaurant in Orange Walk.

After lunch we continue the adventure, trying out some new spots or going back to ones we had good luck with.   This is all at your pace, a no-stress day on the water and the whole family will enjoy it!

Equipment – we provide fishing guides, boat, fuel, bait and fishing gear, ice and refreshments, lunch if requested. Other beverages and gratuities are not included. You bring a hat, sunscreen, camera, bug spray and sunglasses

We have two boats available – a large and small boat – $700 US for the small boat which will comfortably sit four persons. The large boat has a bathroom on board. See our FAQ page to see the boats we are using.