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Business History

The Verde brothers grew up close since childhood bonded together by their passion for fishing. Fishing was, and is, a tradition in their hometown, Sarteneja. They were natural divers and swimmers.

The Verde family business started in 1996, when Belize’s demand for fishing guides started to grow. Belize is one of the best places for sport fishing on the planet, and they saw the growing need for knowledgeable fishing guides. they needed training. Nathaniel sought and was trained at one of the best known lodges, Belize River Lodge. Tayo and Ezekiel also received training and hands-on experience. They learned about the fish, the water, the weather, boats, engines, and guests. As experienced and well-trained fishing guides, they were hired by the hotels, resorts and other fishing companies to take guests out fly fishing in the flats, or reef fishing for the hard fighting fish. They also got involved with marine life-manatees, dolphins, huge fish, turtles- they want to keep it that way.

After 11 years of working in the islands as fishing guides, they accepted an opportunity to partner with Dr. Rick Mynatt, an avid and accomplished sports fisherman. As “Green Horizons Flats Fishing” they offer guests a wide variety of fishing adventures as well as a chance to see other stunning and curious marine wildlife in their natural surroundings.

Their mission continues- to give their guests the best possible experience of Belize fishing and marine life.

“fishing is and always will be our passion- come join us in Belize!”


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